Future Forestry Leader Symposium | February 17-18, 2014

Download the full PDF agenda for 2014. Please note that the agenda is subject to change.

February 17, 2014

Networking Evening – Promoting Professional Careers

4:00 – 5:00 pm          Student poster exhibit
5:00 – 6:00 pm          Welcome and Introduction of professionals
6:00 – 9:00 pm          Wine and cheese networking

Atrium of the Forest Sciences Centre
Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia
2424 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4

February 18, 2014

Future Forestry Leaders Symposium – Research Seminar
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Forest Sciences Centre, Fletcher Challenge Theatre #1005

8:00am           Registration
Coffee and tea

9:00am           Session 1 – Forests and the Environment

Evaluation of environmental impacts of woody biomass based bioenergy: a life cycle assessment approach
Francesca Pierobon, UW

Identifying Effective Measures for Environmental Monitoring by Aboriginal Communities
Ariana McKay, UNBC

Attributing Changes in Land Cover by Disturbance Type Integrating Multiple Datasets: A Case Study Of The Yucatan Peninsula
Vanessa Silva Mascorro, UBC

The Nyambene Forest in Meru, eastern Kenya. Exploring the link between traditional custodianship and community livelihoods
Gloria Borona, UBC

Synthesis of Climate Index and Uncertainty: Estimating Wildfires in British Columbia using Count Models
Zhen Xu, UVIC

10:40am           Break

11:00am           Session 2 – Forest Products and Technology

The potential for bioenergy and biofuels production in the Williams Lake TSA
Claudia Cambero, UBC

Eco-labeled wood products in the U.S. residential construction industry: Which characteristics of architects relate to the usage of certified wood and green building programs?
Tait Bowers, UW

Harvesting the Dead and Decaying Forests: Potential Carbon Storage and Avoided Emissions
Wyatt Klopp, UNBC

Forest Resource Utilization and Business Opportunities for the Nuxalk First Nation
Sean Pledger, UBC

Investigation on the potential of production parameters optimization of a bamboo-based natural fibre composites
Felix Böck, UBC

12:40pm           Lunch Break

1:40pm           Session 3 – Markets and Policy

Economics of bioenergy product exports from forests: unintended trade repercussions
Craig Johnston, UVIC

The competitiveness of Canadian softwood lumber: A disaggregated trade flow analysis
Wei-Yew Chang, UBC

The effects of the 2008 Lacey Act amendments on international trade in forest products
Patrick Bridegam, UW

The Lacey Act and the EUTR: Impacts on US wood importers and business practices by sector
Ben Roe, UW

Modelling the half-lives of wood-framed houses in order to quantify harvested wood product pools
Sheng Xie, UBC

The impact of the Lacey Act on chinese furniture and flooring exporters
Ziyi Lu, UW

Social acceptance of marker-assisted selection: An upward battle
Chelsea Nilausen, UBC

4:00pm           Poster Viewing
Coffee and tea

Posters – Forests and the Environment

Olfaction and Detoxification in the Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)
Christine Chiu, UBC

Perception of climate change impacts on forest and livelihood in the Padampokhari Village on the Parsa Wildlife Reserve buffer zone
Pratibha Duwal, UW

The Effects of Soil Parent Material and Fertilization Treatment on the Wood Quality of Douglas-fir in the Pacific Northwest
Luyi Li, UW

Rescaled water governance to recover public participation in BC
Angela Lockrey Mawdsley, UBC

Revealing the effects of sex and calve on habitat selection pattern of moose(Alces alces) by integrating GPS-tracking data with Airborne Laser Scanning data.
Markus Melin, UEF

Restoring dead wood in forests diversifies wood-decaying fungal assemblages but does not quickly benefit red-listed species
Hannes Pasanen, UEF

Lynx CSI: Forensic Identification of Predators at Snowshoe Hare Kill Sites
Laurel Peelle, UW

Comparison of hair and DNA-based approaches in dietary analysis of free-ranging wolves (Canis lupus)
Carolyn Shores, UW

Posters – Forest Products and Technology

Conversion of Primary Forest Residue to Biochar with a Mobile Pyrolysis Kiln
BJ Birdinground, UW

Adhesion and Impact Properties of Wood-Polyester Composite Laminates
Shayesteh Haghdan, UBC

Resiliency of Communities: Two Case Studies of Villages in Wabane and Kaele, Cameroon
Cynthia Harbison, UW

The Use of Non-Timber Forest Products by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Clarence Smith, UW

Technical Efficiency, Technical Progress and Total Factor Productivity of China’s Paper Industry
Shuai Tang, UW

Coefficient of static friction between resinated strand and non-resinated strand under different contact pressure.
Ingrid Tsai, UBC

Posters – Markets and Policy

The role of trees in enriching dense suburban environments: Incorporating residents’ values into suburban forest design and management
Sara Barron, UBC

Potential factors impacting the usage of environmentally certified wood products (ECWP) in the U.S. residential construction industry
Cindy Chen, UW

Understanding the factors that drive firm-level transformations in the BC forest sector
Alvaro Madero Marquez, UBC

Living with Wildfire: The Impact of Historic Fires on Property Values in Kelowna, British Columbia
Zhen Xu, UVIC

5:30 – 6:30pm
The Leslie L. Schaffer Lecture in Forest Sciences
Forest Sciences Centre, Fletcher Challenge Theatre #1005
Colden Baxter – Fire and ice: responses by stream-riparian ecosystems to shifting disturbance regimes and some consequences for forest management

6:30 – 7:30pm           Reception
Closing remarks and prize announcements